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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Payment methods and procedures

Our store only accepts payment by credit card.
Our store uses Hong Kong dollars as the transaction currency, and all transactions are subject to Hong Kong dollar prices.

If the customer does not have any proof of payment after ordering, the order will be treated as abandoned.

Our store needs to confirm receipt of payment before arranging to send out the goods.
When the goods are shipped, customers will receive an email notification and can learn about the delivery status of the goods through the shipment tracking number and website link.

Local delivery terms
Local customers in Hong Kong can choose to pick up their items from smart lockers, SF service centers, SF stations, or residential or industrial and commercial district addresses during the payment process.

By the way, the smart locker address can be found here:

The address of SF Express service center can be found here:

For the SF Express station address, please refer here:

Customers who choose "EF Smart Locker" to pick up their items must go to the designated EF Smart Locker to pick up their items within the time limit specified by SF Express. If they do not pick up their items within the time limit, the goods will be returned to our store. For all goods returned to our store, customers need to contact our store to confirm the delivery method and bear the shipping costs for re-shipping.

The actual delivery time (from the date of shipment) is subject to the information provided by the courier company. If it is affected by factors such as statutory holidays or bad weather, the actual delivery time may be delayed.

Customers need to provide accurate delivery address and phone number. Our store is not responsible for delivery delays, lost shipments, or/and additional transportation expenses due to incomplete information and other issues.

If the pickup is late, the courier company and its warehouse may incur storage fees, which are the responsibility of the customer.

Our store reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice, and to refuse to replace products. If there is any dispute, our store will have the final decision.All content on this website is copyrighted by ©️ Kyubi. No one may copy, publish or use the content for any commercial purpose without permission.